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Our Rides

At Christmas Fun Fair we are required by Safe Work NSW regulations to restrict who is eligible to ride our attractions. This is not determined by the age of our guess but by height. Some of our attractions are only for children, while others are suitable for the whole family.

Please see the following list:


  • Free Fall – 96cm-110cm need to be accompanied by an adult

110cm and over - unaccompanied

  • Kite Flyer – from 105cm

  • Fiesta Ferris Wheel – under 105cm need to be accompanied by an adult

Over 105cm - unaccompanied

  • Cup and Saucer – 80cm-92cm -need to be accompanied by an adult

Over 92cm – unaccompanied

  • Auto Bee Car - 80cm-92cm – need to be accompanied by adult

Over 92cm – unaccompanied​


  • Mini Chairs – children only- 80cm-110cm

  • Choo Choo Train – children only – 80cm-110cm

  • Inflatables – children only – up to 150cm

Every person will require a voucher to ride.

- 1 FREE ride voucher is included with your entry ticket-

Extra ride vouchers can be purchased on site



4 vouchers for $20 

12 vouchers for $50 

Vouchers can be shared amongst group members.

Rides: About Us
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